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Midnight Ice (2pk) Car Fresheners

Midnight Ice (2pk) Car Fresheners

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Make your car smell so good that you never want to leave it! Our car air fresheners are perfect for someone who loves a pleasant scent while driving. Our Hanging Car Air Fresheners come in five amazing scents and are easy to install.

Ditch the old car fresheners that only last a few weeks! With an 8ml capacity, our car diffusers are made with high quality materials that are designed to last 2-4 months.

Try multiple scents you'll love with our new mix and match two packs!!


  1. Unscrew the wooden lid and remove the plastic stopper.
  2. Screw the lid back on securely and tightly.
  3. Hang and tie on your rear view mirror ensuring that the ball is closest to the cap.
  4. Tip the bottle for 1-2 seconds to allow the fragrance to soak into the cap.
  5. Re-tip as needed when the scent fades or you need a refresh!
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